Generating Discourse-constrained Stories around Photos

We generate a story around a set of photos. The problem is formulated as finding a story that describes as many facts in the photos as possible within a limited budget of events.

Generating Gadgets of Doraemon

Doraemon is a Japanese manga character with global fame. He is a cat-shaped companion robot that uses futuristic gadgets to help his friend, Nobita Nobi, to cope with daily challenges, often to unexpected and hilarious effects. We investigate the origin of Doraemon's gadgets and discover that they are often clever yet incremental variations of known objects and tools. With this insight, we propose a symbolic planning algorithm for generating Doraemon's gadgets.

Adapting Game Plotlines as Causally Linked Quests

We propose a symbolic planning algorithm for modifying storylines in role-playing games. After game quests are added or removed, the algorithm repairs the storyline and restores the coherence of the story.